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Movelt Posse Episode 3

Boylan gets all emotional, Marcus Price meets Clent on Sangamon street to score their slasher flick, Rashad squashes 10 songs into one. From Philly to France, the new Movelt Posse compilation doesn’t fuck around. Preview it on Soundcloud, buy it … Continue reading

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Bitch Ass Darius – Follow The Sound Mixtape

DOWNLOAD This has been floating around on the web/my hard drive for a while. Bang Ski over a warped record, ghettovoguetech, and other goodies to be found on this amazing mix from St Louis’s finest. 80 tracks on some straight … Continue reading

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DET Only

DJ Godfather & DJ Starski – Let’s Go (from DET-Only 005 12″ 2004) DJs Godfather, Starski, and Dick put out a handful of white labels a few years ago under a Twilight 76 sub-label of their own, which contained some … Continue reading

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The roots of footwork go back to the early 1900s in Detroit and Chicago, but obviously you can go on forever connecting the dots back the beginning of time. However, it’s probably more interesting to take it one step at … Continue reading

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I’m Ready

DJ Assault – I’m Ready vs Footwork (from Straight Up Detroit Shit vol 4 2000) Don’t be fooled because this isn’t exactly straight up Detroit shit. This is straight up classic italo matched to Waxmasters footwork anthem, possibly requiring more … Continue reading

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This isn’t so out of the ordinary as far as Ghettotech goes, but almost every track from this guy seems to be based on a sample by a New Orleans rapper. I mean the vocals are in the same Detroit … Continue reading

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More Nateisms and Jittin Jesuses

Dollah Jones – Bang It! 2009 Been lending my ears to more Detroit sounds lately, a place which always confused me musically. This is the result of reading this article which roots Jittin to the Jitterbug in a century-long time … Continue reading

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Global Ghettotech

DJ Assault – No Vaseline (from Fuckadancemania 12″ 1998) Most people don’t know it, but DJ Assault composed the Jeopardy theme song. Before he was born even. This was his original version, which he fought for years to keep uncensored. … Continue reading

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DJ Slugo – I’m a Hoe (“Screwed”) ( from Disco D – Ghettotech for Slow People 2006) I’ve always been confused as to why Disco D decided to pull down the beats-per-minute on these tracks from his Midwest peers, but … Continue reading

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Juking in Japan

D’Kawa – Kurokin (DJ Deeon Remix) (From Kurokin 12″ 2005) I have a large interest in the impact that both Detroit and Chicago have made on the world outside of the states, especially looking at whether Techno or House music … Continue reading

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