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I Was Patient……………… B/W Lunch with Arpebu

First time I heard this, in fact the only time I had heard this track in its entirety before about an hour ago, was after eating grilled cheese and drinking coffee at one of RP’s favorite diners on 39th and … Continue reading

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Halloween House #1: Tyree ft Chic – I Fear the Night

I just happened to be digging through my House collection the other day when I realized it was October, and my favorite holiday was right around the corner. I wasn’t reminded by falling leaves or heathen decorations, but rather by … Continue reading

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RIP Darryl Pandy

You will be missed.

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Call Me Back

Kevin Prodigy feat Malor – If You Don’t Pick Up Your Phone Miss Thing Mutant vogue track with way too much delay. Like the cunty version of The Bitch is Naggin Me, but on the other end of the argument.

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This Old House: Brothers and Sisters on 13th Street

Slick Master Rick – Brothers & Sisters On 13th Street (from VA – Acid II Sound of the Underground 1988) Also known as Halloween House, even out of season this is a classic that I’ve been jamming lately. One of … Continue reading

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Parents, Where’s Your Child

I feel like a simple RIP to Sleezy should in the very least be complimented with some Coil love. I really don’t, and never really did fuck with much industrial music, but at the same time Throbbing Gristle and various … Continue reading

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House – O – Matics


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Perculator Tape

I think it’s cool anyways. Also, I’m still confused why all the official Cajmere releases spell it correctly, yet I’ve totally gotten yelled at for not spelling it the local way, P-E-R-C-U-L-A-T-O-R. Little known fact (outside of Chicago anyways): the … Continue reading

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What the Radio Used to Sound Like

Frankie Knuckles – WBMX Chicago 1986 (Mediafire) Womack & Womack extended for days. I love early DJ sets, and this one is classic.

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This Old House: It’s House

Chip E – It’s House (from Jack Trax 12″ 1986) Those toms sound familiar? This record was huge, people have actually paid $1500 for it.

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