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Raptor House Piece for Cluster Mag

I wrote a little piece about Venezuela’s answer to 4×4 house over at the brand new Cluster Mag. It probably makes a little more sense than my previous confused posts about the genre, and the videos that accompany it must … Continue reading

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DJ Clent Why and Where

My friend Gulu recently spent some time at Clent’s house and put together a little video of him explaining the stepchild of house music for those not in-the-know. I imagine this blog would be kind of annoying to those who … Continue reading

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Electronic Beats Magazine: The Dance Issue

The current issue of Electronic Beats Magazine out of Germany has a slew of interesting articles pertaining to body moving, including Shangaan superstars the Tshe Tsha Boys, and an article by Paul Sullivan on what’s brewing here in Chicago. Me, … Continue reading

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“The Evolution of Footwork” in Resident Advisor

I selected a handful of important stepping stones for Resident Advisor in an article titled The Evolution of Footwork, which ran the same day as DJ Spinn and Chrissy Murderbot’s interview/podcast/fireside chat. Not a complete “best of,” but a stab … Continue reading

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I am so happy that my first non-footwork article got to be a profile on two of my favorite artists of 2020: visual house pioneers NGUZUNGUZU. You can read it online via Issuu or PDF from the Nov/Dec issue of … Continue reading

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DJ Mag # 490/Footwork 101

Just when I thought I was ready to move on and not be pigeonholed as the footwork reporter, my friend and excellent journalist Danna Hawley from the CHI-NYC-LDN dimension pens a great interview collage article on that feet music stuff … Continue reading

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XLR8R Footwork Article

You can read my feature article on footwork I did for XLR8R over at their blog now, or in the next print and PDF issue very soon. It’s pretty much the first “narrative” piece I’ve ever written, strung together by … Continue reading

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Shook Mag #9

Mark Snowboy did a real nice article on footwork for the newest issue of Shook, complete with a juke top 40 mix and an interview with DJ Spinn. Images by yours truly, buy it or read it digitally now. Oh, … Continue reading

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Unofficial Channels

I wrote the Unofficial Channels column for the Wire’s September issue, out now in the UK, soon in the U.S. As you might have guessed it, it’s about footwork. Where to find it, where you can’t find it, and why.

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As Nasty As He Wants To Be

Miami New Times ran an article by Luther Cambell aka Luke Skyywalker aka Luke aka Uncle Luke yesterday about his homegirl Elena Kagan. Read it immediately.

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