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DJ Master Xuxu – Kuduro vs Dancehall 100% Mixx A micromix of badman chipmunks. Hasn’t anybody told these kids about time-stretching? I sure hope not.

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The Idea

DJ Marbonu & DJ Brunoshky – Ideia de Kuduro A kuduro joint that comes out swinging. One of my favorite recent finds from Portugal as of recently. These kids are most likely around 17 judging by the sound, which is … Continue reading

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Subliminal House and The Chipmunks That Changed the World

Ron Hardy just keeps popping up in my world lately. Whether it be his influence on all things chipmunk soul a la Kayne’s mentor and the father of footwork, to my constant re-reads of the house chapter from Last Night … Continue reading

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Normal My Ass

Normal Nada – Batida Afro (from Kuduro Kolekta 2009) This one is just ridiculous, even for Normal standards. You might be familiar with his homegrown Kizomba rendered too awkward to fuck to, but this one takes Bubbling back to Africa … Continue reading

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Normal Nada

Normal Nada – Bumbulunhs Vs Kizomba Vs Funana (from Batidas Produzidas pelo Normal Nada 2 2008)Normal Nada – Excel Funa (Funana de Boca) (from Funanas Produzidas pelo Normal Nada 2008)Normal Nada – Funana XXX (from Funanas Produzidas pelo Normal Nada … Continue reading

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Mama Kudi

I spend a lot of my free time watching African pop music videos on the Africa Channel and Youtube, and unfortunately this means a lot of Kuduro videos with amputees from the aftermath of the Angolan Civil War. This video … Continue reading

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Some More Kuduro

Helder Rei Do Kuduro – Ladies Night (Live) Super sick live recording of Helder getting buckwild on the mic.

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Baobinga & I.D. – Man Down 2009 An exclusive promo track to go along with Tongue Riddim, the first release on Baobinga’s new Build label. I am very happy with the way this leans towards Kuduro, something I wish Dubstep … Continue reading

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Get Thee Behind Me Satan or Evil Kuduro Part 1

Sebem – God’s Project (from O Midjor Di Kuduro 2009) Further proof that Kuduro is the music of the devil. Most information points towards West Africa as the origin of the duppy, but it’s obvious that Angola has a problem … Continue reading

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Slide to the Left

DJ Beleza – Cha Cha Slide Kuduro Remix (from VA – New Beat of Angola unknown year) Haha, whoa. Beleza out in Lisbon got wind of DJ Casper’s workout song via a Bally Total Fitness commercial and the Kuduro version … Continue reading

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