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Shake Them Hands

Negation Marha – Afri-k-dream (instrumental) It’s cool hearing Logobi getting a little more play lately, which I think can partly be blamed on Murlo for his excellent edit of C Ki Papa, that unhinged battle track on Logobi GT’s album … Continue reading

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Ivorian Ambiance

Tchagbazu Boys – Botcho (from VA – Ambiance Ivoir vol 3 2002) A bare bones older logobi track that I love. Nothing more to add except that this mixtape is really hot too. Shitty bit rate, sorry dudes.

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French Battle Groundz

DJ G-Remy – Instru Puissance Logobi But with hands instead of feet.

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Logobi Goes Pop

Well, a good portion of the logobi tracks I have are remixes of the stuff like the Venga Boys anyways, but really this isn’t bad. Nice cars, scary haircuts, and weird hand dancing.

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La Nouvelle Danse

Dakar Gucci – Instru Logobi Zinzin 2009 In light of Spoek showing us that African kids in France have the craziest hair, here’s some Logobi that sounds like an amusement park ride. And rest in peace Guru.

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Maladeee Maker

Zaza Twins – Instru Logobi Maladeee (???) 2009? Man this needs to be played LOUD. On the street and at levels of public disturbance. Like how all those Tecktonik videos look, except with better dancing and people having more fun. … Continue reading

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