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DJ Clap Pina – Unakunukulpan 2010 This one sounds like something that could be released on ZZK. A track with such a full atmosphere embodying it that really doesn’t match up with a lot of the underage productions from Monterrey, … Continue reading

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Raptor House

DJ Gordovich – El Ritmo Del Gordo DJ Alfredo – Track 2 My fellow colleagues Rizzla and Dubbel Dutch turned me onto this strange brand of Venezuelan (though not always) house that has nods towards bubbling, tribal, shitty electro, and … Continue reading

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A Tribe Called ???

DJ Fraga – The Scratcha-wacha-racha 2010 I was pretty sure my stereo was acting up when I first put this on. Like when your audio cable isn’t all the way in, high frequencies filling my living room that don’t make … Continue reading

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DJ Tetris- Sudafrika 2010 Tha Pope did it pretty well but this is one of the better examples of Mbube being used in a good manner.

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Trip The Fuck Out

El General – Te Ves Buena (DJ Nano Batuque Remix) 2009 I made my neighbor “trip the fuck out” the other night after playing him a bunch of older dancehall and reggaeton from the stash that made him reminisce about … Continue reading

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Beggin’ You to Beg Me

Gael Garcia – Quiero Que Me Quieras (Dj Explow Remix) 2009 A Banger remix of a Cheap Trick Cumbia cover. I’m a big sucker for this kind of stuff, and this one really isn’t all that corny like some of … Continue reading

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Juy to the World

Grupo Ju-Juy – Track 2 (from Gigantes De La Cumbia Sonidera 2009) These guys always have the best synths. Very nasally sounding at times, even though I don’t think that is a word you can use to describe electronic instruments. … Continue reading

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