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DJ Clap Pina – Unakunukulpan 2010 This one sounds like something that could be released on ZZK. A track with such a full atmosphere embodying it that really doesn’t match up with a lot of the underage productions from Monterrey, … Continue reading

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Raptor House

DJ Gordovich – El Ritmo Del Gordo DJ Alfredo – Track 2 My fellow colleagues Rizzla and Dubbel Dutch turned me onto this strange brand of Venezuelan (though not always) house that has nods towards bubbling, tribal, shitty electro, and … Continue reading

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A Tribe Called ???

DJ Fraga – The Scratcha-wacha-racha 2010 I was pretty sure my stereo was acting up when I first put this on. Like when your audio cable isn’t all the way in, high frequencies filling my living room that don’t make … Continue reading

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DJ Tetris- Sudafrika 2010 Tha Pope did it pretty well but this is one of the better examples of Mbube being used in a good manner.

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Trip The Fuck Out

El General – Te Ves Buena (DJ Nano Batuque Remix) 2009 I made my neighbor “trip the fuck out” the other night after playing him a bunch of older dancehall and reggaeton from the stash that made him reminisce about … Continue reading

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Beggin’ You to Beg Me

Gael Garcia – Quiero Que Me Quieras (Dj Explow Remix) 2009 A Banger remix of a Cheap Trick Cumbia cover. I’m a big sucker for this kind of stuff, and this one really isn’t all that corny like some of … Continue reading

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Juy to the World

Grupo Ju-Juy – Track 2 (from Gigantes De La Cumbia Sonidera 2009) These guys always have the best synths. Very nasally sounding at times, even though I don’t think that is a word you can use to describe electronic instruments. … Continue reading

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Same Old Song

Los Decadas – Polvo Y El Viento (from Sonido Fantasma C.J. Collection De Oro vol 19 2009) One strategy for making your way through genres like Jazz is to cross reference the list of musicians to other records. I thought … Continue reading

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Cumbia de la Tierra Tarareo

Sonido Desconocido – Cumbia del Falso Contacto (from La Super Cumbia Futurista 2008) Laptop Cumbia pop where the bass line consists of the biggest enemy of your stereo, ground hum. We all grabbed a handful of this Distrito Federal based … Continue reading

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Killing Yourself to Cumbia

There is room for everyone in the Cumbia game, including metalheads and lesbians.

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