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The Devil’s Music

Bass Connection – Bass Outa Hell (from Driven Bass 1993) This makes me wish I had a drivers license and a whip with a banging system. Serious creeper shit on the techno side of Miami car bass. Been digging through … Continue reading

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More Sticking and Rolling

And more.

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I Want The World to Know

DJ Chipman – Drill #1 (from Streetmix vol 1 2007) Why make a track about a single dance when you can make one that demands your audience to do seven? From pimp walk to sissy walk, the DJ becomes a … Continue reading

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Bennie Biggle Wiggle

My mind is in Miami right now. I blame the weather. Also, the fast version.

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Fuck The Club Miami Edition

It’s a damn shame that people don’t really talk about Florida anymore. That whole sped-up Lauderdale style isn’t just for hip-hop, and these guys are doing foreign dances like the Wu-Tang, along with their own Stick N Roll. It only … Continue reading

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As Nasty As He Wants To Be

Miami New Times ran an article by Luther Cambell aka Luke Skyywalker aka Luke aka Uncle Luke yesterday about his homegirl Elena Kagan. Read it immediately.

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Banned In The Dutch Antilles

Ai Sa Si – Ik wil Een Poesje Zien I wonder if Luke and co. were expecting this when they were busy exercising their right to misogyny. That an Afro-Surinamese group might chant their needs in Dutch too. I found … Continue reading

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