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Brenmar 24k Mix

DOWNLOAD (mediafire link) One of my favorite DJs, and drummer (or something like that) for my absolute favorite band of nowadays drops a monster of a mix for us to soak in. Lots of exclusives, lots of homies, and lots … Continue reading

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Future Bubbling

Boomnoise – Bubblin’ Ustream Mix (Soundcloud Link) I really don’t want to take part in making up stupid genre names unless they are funny ones (free bass, ghetto apartment, halfway house…) but future bubbling pretty much describes what these young … Continue reading

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Quack House

NGUZUNGUZU – Icee Hot Promo Mix 2010 (Soundcloud) Probably the most blissful mix from these weirdos yet, prepared for their headlining one of the monthlies at the top of my “to go” list. Their Truants mix only came out a … Continue reading

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Girl Unity

DOWNLOAD “Fantasy cotton candy synths on a downhill slope leading right into the mouth of a beast traveling at one-hundred and sixty BPMs” would be my description if I was stoned with Byron Coley right now. Since I’m not, and … Continue reading

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Brazilian Mix #5: The Birthday MIx

Grisha’s Brazilian Mix #5 (sendspace) Well it’s been more than a year since #4. About time, I say. It’s not that birthday is a theme of this one, but my good friend Doron over in Chicago has a birthday today. … Continue reading

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Weird Mixtape(s) Vol 2

Follow this thread through the Dutch version of Myspace and you will find not one, but about 40 old bubbling mixtapes. It’s important you hear these shitty cassette and vinyl rips to understand the genre, and it’s fortunate that these … Continue reading

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Weird The Club Up

Unknown DJ – Bubbling Battle Loop Mix Bubbling battle tracks can be a scary swamp to trudge through, and you will step in plenty of shit along the way. Cramming 10 songs into 5 minutes while pulling them up and … Continue reading

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