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Neon Marshmallow Festival

I’m DJing the last day of the 2nd annual Neon Marshmallow festival this Sunday at the Empty Bottle. I’ll be spinning before, in between, and after the music starts, and expect total unhinged madness. Might be the only time I … Continue reading

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Crank It

A friend once told me that all of the noise dudes in Chicago were nothing but a bunch of posturing dorks, but that Kevin Drumm has probably actually killed people. I don’t imagine that’s true, and although he is an … Continue reading

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Portland Screwed

DJ Yo Yo Dieting – Dormant Mirrors/Drum Cassette 2009 It’s a know fact that people in Portland Oregon smoke a lot of weed. They also smoke a lot of meth, but that’s not the case here. Local Noise dude Glamorous … Continue reading

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From Cage to Cam’ron

Recently discovered that the great UBU Web archive has merged with Continuo, an experimental music blog that I was unaware of till now. This meeting has caused for a huge collection of 20th Century Classical, Music Concret, Sound Poetry, and … Continue reading

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