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Body Count

Sox Park Mob Vol 6: Body Count A super solid volume of DJ Deeon’s legendary series. More to come. Also, this is just too funny/sad.  

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Lemmie See Ya, Lemmie See Ya

DJ Trick – Walk! (from Memphis Gangsta Walkin‘ Vol 1 2001) Memphis buckin aka gangsta walking aka jookin doesn’t exactly come attached with a genre of music made specifically for the dancers a la Chicago footwork, but there are a … Continue reading

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Music From Saharan Laptops

Iba One – Alhamdoulilaye If your not keeping up with the excellent Sahel Sounds blog, you should be ashamed.  The Music from Saharan Cellphones cassettes are some of the most awesome tapes from Africa I have ever heard, and Chris … Continue reading

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Samo – Freak Me Ah (from Freak Me Ah Promo Single 2010) Samo – Freak Me Ah (Screwed & Chopped) (from Freak Me Ah Promo Single 2010) Samo – Freak Me Ah (Fast) (from Freak Me Ah Promo Single 2010) … Continue reading

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Bennie Biggle Wiggle

My mind is in Miami right now. I blame the weather. Also, the fast version.

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Jacuzzi On The Roof

Gucci Mane – Long Money 2010 Gucci Mane – Normal 2010 Gucci is back, and I’ve actually been listening to hip-hop again. Both of these beats are perfect, Long Money is Scarface the movie directed by Jodorowsky with forest flutes, … Continue reading

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On the Comeback Tip…

All I can picture is a huge fight breaking out at a rave. Definitely a pretty big surprise.

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