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10 Years Ago…or 25, or 40?

Along with Sun Ra, Kraut Rock, and club music, Screw Tapes were a seminal discovery for me in high school that made me the person/listener that I am today. When your bored with everything around you, a simple pitch-shift just … Continue reading

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Lyin’ On Your Dick

What Deeon’s beach party sounds like on Valium probably.

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You May Not Drive A Great Big Cadillac…

William DeVaughn – Be Thankful for What You Got (screwed and chopped) This is a perfect song, one which I try to start the day with whenever possible. Now that Rojonekku pointed out the slow version, my mornings drag on … Continue reading

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Screwed and Chopped Cleveland

Chopland Click – Chop Up Da Block (From Ice Breakers 2k5) I’m a sucker for regional dance tracks, and for the past week I can’t get Mr Miyagi out of my head which leaves me thinking more about other Midwest … Continue reading

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Cortando el Bloque

Los Gaiteros De San Jacinto – El Manolo (Rebajado) DESVIARSE.

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Chopped Up and Slopped Up

DJ Dave Quam 6,000,000 Watts – Baby It’s Screw Just having a little fun being currently unemployed.

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Scarface – Alichokee

This is the kind of spastic thing that Breakcore tried to be, but failed. There was just not enough sped up and slowed down Dancehall I guess. If anyone out there has any DJ Moortje mixtapes they want to pass … Continue reading

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DJ Slugo – I’m a Hoe (“Screwed”) ( from Disco D – Ghettotech for Slow People 2006) I’ve always been confused as to why Disco D decided to pull down the beats-per-minute on these tracks from his Midwest peers, but … Continue reading

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No Need for New Batteries.

Sonido Martines – Vuela Pajarito Rebajado 2008 I grabbed this from dudes Myspace a long time ago, back when you used to be able to do that. Why did Myspace put the kibosh on that? On a bit of a … Continue reading

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Portland Screwed

DJ Yo Yo Dieting – Dormant Mirrors/Drum Cassette 2009 It’s a know fact that people in Portland Oregon smoke a lot of weed. They also smoke a lot of meth, but that’s not the case here. Local Noise dude Glamorous … Continue reading

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