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I think I can speak for most people born in the 80s, Michael Jackson was the first music I remember hearing. RIP buddy, and shame on all those that keep bringing up all the later drama. The man made some … Continue reading

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Life, Love, and the Pursuit

Parliament – My Automobile (from Osmium 1970) The Cadillac car company gets it’s name from Le Sieur Antoine de la Mothe Cadillac, the French explorer responsible for giving Motor City it’s name of Detroit. The Rolex is the Cadillac of … Continue reading

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Stuck in Chicago

Syl Johnson – Concrete Reservation (from Is it Because I’m Black? 1969) Duckin’ low in the concrete lined walls of a Project apartment, sharing electricity by means of extension cords strung out of connecting windows. Shady elevator shafts traveling to … Continue reading

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Today Was a Good Day

I went looking for Ghetto House singles today and walked out with these. I had been looking for a copy of The Bell Album on plastic for some time now, and found it at Reckless today for $3.99 along with … Continue reading

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No Chimo

Curtis Mayfield – The Doo Doo Wop is Strong in Here (from Short Eyes OST 1977) CurtMcGirt’s banger with the awesome title from the film adaptation of Miguel PiƱero’s play. The lyrics on this sountrack are very, very strange.

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Hiding in Shadows We Don’t Belong

VA – They’re Gonna Find Us: The Sounds of Adultery (2009) In 1967 while taking a break from cheating in poker, songwriter Dan Penn(penner of The Letter) along with Lincoln Wayne “Chips” Morman wrote At The Dark End of The … Continue reading

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That Type of Son Of a Bitch

Snatch and The Poontangs – “Two Time Slim” (from Snatch and The Poontangs 1969) Johnny Otis a.k.a. “the type of cocksucker to start an uprisin in a motherfuckers ass” put together this album somewhere between “Hey, Shine” and his son’s … Continue reading

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