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Look Look Look

Trafassi – Kijk Kijk Kijk Kawina (from Funchi) Kawina heater from Trafassi, a popular band from Suriname that has been around since the early 80s. Starts off sounding like a Dutch-Caribbean version of Boyz 2 Men, right before dropping into blissful … Continue reading

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Sabakoe – So so da gwe (from Internet 2002) Not really getting the concept of this kaseko band calling their album Internet. Generally I’m a lot more drawn towards other forms of music from Suriname, and tend to skip most … Continue reading

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Suriname In Ebony

Buku, a huge archive of books, articles, photographs, and paintings that relate to the history of Suriname has made it impossible for me to get anything done lately. The above is a 1967 issue of Ebony about the racial diversity … Continue reading

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Banned In The Dutch Antilles

Ai Sa Si – Ik wil Een Poesje Zien I wonder if Luke and co. were expecting this when they were busy exercising their right to misogyny. That an Afro-Surinamese group might chant their needs in Dutch too. I found … Continue reading

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"Waka Waka"

Boima’s WFMU post about the detective work involved in retracing the steps of a mystery tune we were both recently hunting down went up today, detailing the journey of a Cameroonian military song lost in translation throughout the world. I … Continue reading

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Unknown Suriname Aléké Band – ? #1Unknown Suriname Aléké Band – ? #2 Aléké is a musical meeting between the Creoles of the Dutch Antilles and the runaways of the West Indies. During the gold rush of the 19th century, … Continue reading

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Free Your Slaves And Your Ass Will Follow

Tambu plays a large part in the roots of much of the music of the Dutch Antilles as mentioned by the likes of DJ Moortje and can’t be ignored by those of us who love movement of the hips. Much … Continue reading

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