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Weird The Club Up

Unknown DJ – Bubbling Battle Loop Mix Bubbling battle tracks can be a scary swamp to trudge through, and you will step in plenty of shit along the way. Cramming 10 songs into 5 minutes while pulling them up and … Continue reading

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Blowin Bubbels

Reflex DJ – Kassav Bubbeling Remix Bit more DJ friendly version of Zouk La Ce Sel Medicament Nou Ni for the Antilles crowd.

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New Weird Suriname

The Sukru Masters – Ai Sa Si (DJ Fasta R’Dam to Paramaribo Kawina/Bubbling remix) 2009 Combine the rabid patterns of West Africa in the form of Caribbean Drumz via The Netherlands with Afro-Surinamese folk music blah blah blah blah blah. … Continue reading

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Antillean Throwback Heat

DJ Prako – Lagaz Lekkerding (Kaseko remix) (from Mix-it-Up 2006) This guys mixtapes are loaded with goodness. Everything from Chutney Reggaeton to Kawina Bubbling remixes and any other weird hybrid you could imagine. Just the kind of stuff I’ve been … Continue reading

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Drums of Death

DJ Chuckie – Caribbean Drumz (from Bubbling Beats vol 4 2004) I’m still not sure what the hell Bubbling House is, but so far this is pretty much the definition for me. Not in a sense of popularity where stuff … Continue reading

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Song and Sound Suriname

Wilfred Caìˆro Winti Ens – Pikin de njan f’a goron (from Suriname OST 1960) Great soundtrack to the documentary Suriname by Netherlands filmmaker Herman van der Horst from 1960. Shit has been making me so happy walking around town in … Continue reading

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