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Anti-G Presents: Kentje’sz Beatsz on Planet Mu

I wrote the liner notes for this, which you can read here. The album is out June 6th on CD, double vinyl, and digital. Seems like only yesterday that I stumbled upon him trolling through Dutch social networking sites. In … Continue reading

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Bollywood Bubbling

DJ Leikers vs DJ Doll – Kaliyon Ka Chaman (bubbling remix) From the rats nest I call my bubbling collection. Not a surprising find or anything, just nice. Not even much novelty value in this, the drums sound pretty natural … Continue reading

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An Interview with Deschuurman

Along with his cousins Shaun-D and Master-D, Deschuurman was one of the first DJs that I heard making what I jokingly called Future Bubbling. It wasn’t old school chipmunk battle tracks, and it wasn’t quite Dutch House. It was a … Continue reading

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Caribbean Drumz Chapter 33

DJ Mummy vs Samira Said & Cheb Mami – Youm Wara Youm (Bubbling Remix) As corny as it sounds, my collection of bubbling is the definition of multicultural. Dutch folk songs, Baltimore Club, Desi pop, chutney ect ect ect. This … Continue reading

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DJ Daycard & De Schuurman In the Flesh (Sorta)

They only really play two songs, but this grim looking video, probably recorded with a phone, is enough proof for me that bubbling is still alive somewhere in the world. As far as I can tell, the general populous has … Continue reading

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Turkish Bubbeling Anthem

DJ Hakki – Turk Shake When you look at the immigrant population in the Netherlands, it’s only natural that bubbling is as all over the place as it is. The 60s and 70s saw a surge in migrants from Southern … Continue reading

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Baby It’s You

DJ A-D – Jojo (Darbuka Remix) This is just way too cute, and weird. Moroccan born, Netherlands living DJ A-D’s take on forgotten teen popstar Jojo’s 2004 single that I don’t remember at all. If I believed in guilty pleasures, … Continue reading

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Dutch Magic System

Magic System and 113 – Un Gaou A Oran (DJ Shaun D Remix 2010) This doesn’t bubble as hard as I’d like, but pretty much any Magic System is a good thing. Same goes for Shaun D. Has a little … Continue reading

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DOWNLOAD When I started off my Weird Mixtapes series with Munchi’s Baltimore club meets bubbling effort, it was all just a strange mash-up to me. Little did I know somebody actually knew what they were doing. He pretty much outmoombahtoned … Continue reading

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“Dutch Ghetto House”

DJ Uptown – Hood Up Another great young producer in the Netherlands who coincidentally uses patterns similar to those of ghetto house. There is even a weird tom breakdown that cuts through all the snares and brings back the claps. … Continue reading

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