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Massacooramaan Spring Mini Tour

Some upcoming shows I’m playing in the Midwest and East Coast.  Oh yeah, I haven’t exactly given up on blogging, I still do it on occasion over at the tumblr.

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RIP Wild Man Fischer

The record he did with Smegma is definitely one of the strangest things I’ve ever heard. You will be missed, you fucking weirdo.

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Spring Cleaning/The Best of It’s After the End of the World

DOWNLOAD Damn, remember when this site was yellow?! To save Dropbox space, I’m going to be deleting a lot of old mp3s from this site soon, so I can make room for more. Then again, nobody really seems to be … Continue reading

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An Interview with Deschuurman

Along with his cousins Shaun-D and Master-D, Deschuurman was one of the first DJs that I heard making what I jokingly called Future Bubbling. It wasn’t old school chipmunk battle tracks, and it wasn’t quite Dutch House. It was a … Continue reading

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Death Rituals to Dreadlocks: Sega

Tarika Sammy – Famadihana (from Fanafody 1992) Mauritius isn’t just the former stomping grounds of the now extinct dodo bird, but an island nation home to a fascinating form of music called Sega, something that seldom rears it’s head within … Continue reading

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It’s After the End of the World Tumblr

As if I needed another reason to waste my time on the internet, I have created a complimentary Tumblr page to this site, mainly consisting of photos, videos, and very few words. It’s kind of like my public Google Reader … Continue reading

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Mix Series Vol 12: DJ Slow

DOWNLOAD Belgium’s DJ Slow has been at it for a minute, probably most famous on the interwebs for his Fast Times at Duval High mix last year. This year he will be most famous for starting his own label Pelican … Continue reading

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