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More Sticking and Rolling

And more.

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I Drink Paint Thinner

My team might not be in it, but I figured it being the Super Bowl and all that I’d use this day as an excuse to post the best football rap ever. Now I gotta find that DVD of The … Continue reading

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DJ Clent Why and Where

My friend Gulu recently spent some time at Clent’s house and put together a little video of him explaining the stepchild of house music for those not in-the-know. I imagine this blog would be kind of annoying to those who … Continue reading

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French Battle Groundz

DJ G-Remy – Instru Puissance Logobi But with hands instead of feet.

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DJ Daycard & De Schuurman In the Flesh (Sorta)

They only really play two songs, but this grim looking video, probably recorded with a phone, is enough proof for me that bubbling is still alive somewhere in the world. As far as I can tell, the general populous has … Continue reading

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Bennie Biggle Wiggle

My mind is in Miami right now. I blame the weather. Also, the fast version.

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Lyin’ On Your Dick

What Deeon’s beach party sounds like on Valium probably.

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