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More Sticking and Rolling

And more.

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I Drink Paint Thinner

My team might not be in it, but I figured it being the Super Bowl and all that I’d use this day as an excuse to post the best football rap ever. Now I gotta find that DVD of The … Continue reading

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DJ Clent Why and Where

My friend Gulu recently spent some time at Clent’s house and put together a little video of him explaining the stepchild of house music for those not in-the-know. I imagine this blog would be kind of annoying to those who … Continue reading

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French Battle Groundz

DJ G-Remy – Instru Puissance Logobi But with hands instead of feet.

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DJ Daycard & De Schuurman In the Flesh (Sorta)

They only really play two songs, but this grim looking video, probably recorded with a phone, is enough proof for me that bubbling is still alive somewhere in the world. As far as I can tell, the general populous has … Continue reading

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Bennie Biggle Wiggle

My mind is in Miami right now. I blame the weather. Also, the fast version.

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Lyin’ On Your Dick

What Deeon’s beach party sounds like on Valium probably.

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Gwaan Jerk

Kind of forgot about jerk…that wouldn’t have happened if it had more to do with evil spirits that like to kick dogs and count grains of sand, and less to do with pants and some dude named Doug. “Ha! Film … Continue reading

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Logobi Goes Pop

Well, a good portion of the logobi tracks I have are remixes of the stuff like the Venga Boys anyways, but really this isn’t bad. Nice cars, scary haircuts, and weird hand dancing.

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A wonderful tambu performance that for some reason I never posted. I think about this stuff everyday when I wake up, and before I go to bed. This video also makes me think pink is cool again post-Cam’Ron 2003.

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