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Gwaan Jerk

Kind of forgot about jerk…that wouldn’t have happened if it had more to do with evil spirits that like to kick dogs and count grains of sand, and less to do with pants and some dude named Doug. “Ha! Film … Continue reading

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Logobi Goes Pop

Well, a good portion of the logobi tracks I have are remixes of the stuff like the Venga Boys anyways, but really this isn’t bad. Nice cars, scary haircuts, and weird hand dancing.

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A wonderful tambu performance that for some reason I never posted. I think about this stuff everyday when I wake up, and before I go to bed. This video also makes me think pink is cool again post-Cam’Ron 2003.

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Caribbean Drumz

DJ Choko – Stealth Drumz 2009 DJ Double F – Bubbling Beat 2008 This silly video of a DIY finger instrument reminded me of some great steel drum bubbling tracks on my hard drive I’d figured I’d share. Might have … Continue reading

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House – O

´╗┐ Not super old, but an older video of the legendary House – O – Matics crew in Atlanta getting nasty to DJ Clent’s classic Back Up Off Me.

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Bless This Meal Based God

This cooking business is getting out of hand, and the based fan base is too. Mini-B from Orlando making Martian meals with his mothers jewelry on. Guard your children, for they will soon be sacrificed to the based god.

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Throwback Footwork

According to RP Boo, this is the first video to feature footwork in it.

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