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And the Kassav Song Was on Part 2

Twin of Twins ft Ce’cile – Which Dudus (DJ Popo Ghetto Zouk Remix) GR Family – Festa Na Zona (DJ Popo Ghetto Zouk Remix) DJ Popo is a young producer part of the large community of Cape Verdeans living in … Continue reading

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And The Kassav Song Was On

Oh man, I wish this was the Ce’cile version instead, but there is something about hearing gun shots over this that’s sort of amazing. Miley claims to have never even heard a Jay-Z song before, I wonder what she’d think … Continue reading

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Blowin Bubbels

Reflex DJ – Kassav Bubbeling Remix Bit more DJ friendly version of Zouk La Ce Sel Medicament Nou Ni for the Antilles crowd.

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Mama Kudi

I spend a lot of my free time watching African pop music videos on the Africa Channel and Youtube, and unfortunately this means a lot of Kuduro videos with amputees from the aftermath of the Angolan Civil War. This video … Continue reading

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Kuduro Rituals

DJ Nays – Let Me K.O. (from Zouk Et Kuduro 2009) The head of the Aubervillier Industrial scene using barking demon dog synths to make Kuduro. Really DJ Chuckie sounding on the rave tip too. I think you gotta say … Continue reading

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Planet Zouk

Kassav – Soleil (from Vini Pou 1987) A bee buzzing and phone ringing synth jam from the masters of Zouk. Totally 80s and weird, and one of my favorite Kassav joints. I heard they had Afrika Bambaataa posters all over … Continue reading

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Power D

Free Power D Compilations (not direct link) Zouk producer Power D is nice enough to give away a bunch of his productions, including a massive 10 year retrospective the Best of Power D 1998-2008. He’s the man responsible for the … Continue reading

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Uppers and Zouglou

Admiral T – Gwadada (DJ Bisou Coupe Decale Remix) 2006 One more for today since we’re on the subject (and that subject is weird music, not Coupe Decale). Bisou gave poor Admiral way too much speed and thought it would … Continue reading

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Wine Wine Wine

Krys – Sexy Wine (from ? 2008) Cheif Boima pointed me in the direction of French MC Krys while in search of less lovey Zouk related music. While a lot of my favorite recent Jamaican Dancehall production has been on … Continue reading

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Jocelyne Guilbault

Someone wanna let me borrow this book?

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