Body Count

Sox Park Mob Vol 6: Body Count

A super solid volume of DJ Deeon’s legendary series. More to come. Also, this is just too funny/sad.


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Aaliyah – Try Again (bubbling remix)

RIP to the unfortunate member of the 22 club.

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DJ Nongnuzii – ร็อคเอ๊าะเย๊าะ

Some strange Thai kid who loves DJ Chuckie. He also makes Reggaeton & Bubbling tracks. At least I think he does, I could have just found a folder of his favorite songs, which include Roll it Gyal, Limb By Limb, and some weird Thai Dancehall ,all tagged with characters I can’t find on my keyboard. I think this one’s an original though, the Street Player sample at least being some evidence.

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Discos Discos @ Holocene 9/5

Tomorrow night I’m making my Portland DJ debut at Discos Discos alongside resident DJs Zac Eno and Michael Bruce. Very excited to finally get to spin in my hometown at a really good party at a really good spot. Come out!

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Ikraan Caraale – Khadra (DJ Hajre remix)

Tipsy meets Pop Champagne meets Somali pop song (whose awesome video was done by an ex-pat wedding photography studio in the UK). Chingy, Ron Browz, and lil Jon  snippets wrap around Ikaan’s beautiful voice like a snake. While calling something like this a “collage” might be a pretty tired way of describing music, there really is no better way to put it.

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DJ Holman – Hard House Cumbia Jalada

Rebajadas are for old people, jaladas are a young man’s game. They kinda sound like Punta in the same way Soca sounds like sped up Reggaeton too. Every track I have comes from Central America, El Salvador in paticular. You get the Hard House bonus with this one.

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“The Sweetest Band in the World”

Small Axe Band – Sexy Bumper (from Real Music Real People)

These guys are very popular on their home turf of St Kitts, where they gained recognition playing basketball courts for free on the weekends. They play Calypso, Soca, and most notably, Jump Up, a genre derived from Bouyon from Dominica. This track is the later, and while Carnival is long over with, summer just started up here in the Northern States.

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