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I Was Patient……………… B/W Lunch with Arpebu

First time I heard this, in fact the only time I had heard this track in its entirety before about an hour ago, was after eating grilled cheese and drinking coffee at one of RP’s favorite diners on 39th and … Continue reading

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Loose Squares #3 With DJ Spinn and RP Boo

Round three, and this one is going to be special. From 7-10 pm will be a Red Bull Music Academy talk with DJ Spinn, Chrissy Murderbot, and Gramophone Records owner Michael Serafini. 10-2 will be the record release party for … Continue reading

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Record Player Boo

RP Boo – Mixtape 2008 (Mediafire) A CD-R that RP gave me the first time I met him that just reads “Record Player Boo 2008” in sharpie. Dude Off 59th Street is a stone cold classic, but this one might … Continue reading

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DJ Boo – Burn (from DJ Slugo – Real Ghetto Tracks 2000) RP Boo’s only Dance Mania appearance that wasn’t a white label as far as I know. Would someone please put out a compilation of all of those joints … Continue reading

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Ghettophiles Presents: Overkill

There is absolutely no better way to experience Chicago when your not in the physical parameters than through my good friend Neema Nazem’s Ghettophiles label, and he’s just getting started. Out within the next two weeks is the very first … Continue reading

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Happy Halloween

RP Boo – Steam Midity Oddly enough, Halloween marks the 666th post on this blog, so here is some classic heathen footwork.

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Mix Series Vol 7: Arpebu – D i sco v ery

DOWNLOAD A brand new short but sweet mix the man was kind enough to donate to the cause. Shakes the rafters and splits the foundation, each track intricately fitting together like puzzle pieces. 100% classic RP Boo.

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