Free Bass 001: Cedaa – Old Growth EP


I’ve started a label. It’s called Free Bass. The name is pretty self explanatory. This is the first release, and the first in a series of EPs that I’m giving away for all to enjoy.

Cedaa has been brought to the attention of some due to support from Girl Unit, Canblaster, Blackdown, and other European DJs with a knack for digging through Soundcloud. Under two decades old, this Washington-based producer can’t even get into the club yet, and you can tell by his tracks that his aim isn’t just to make people dress up and go out. The Old Growth EP has multiple uses: on the subway through your headphones, in a dark room with giant subwoofers, or in your car, driving through the Pacific Northwest trying to find a bag of weed. A Chicago sound palette plays an obvious role in the creation of this music, but I’ve yet to find another “outsider” American make a better nod towards the Windy City, while simultaneously coming up with something as fresh as this. It’s Bellingham Bounce from here on out, and Cedaa is the reigning (raining?) ruler of the top-left coast.

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12 Responses to Free Bass 001: Cedaa – Old Growth EP

  1. paul j. says:

    excited to see what comes out of this!

  2. poindexta says:

    looks like cedaa’s been listening to ol’ joe’s claptrap :)

    • Benny says:

      yeah i just noticed that…maybe they sampled it from the same place as opposed to cedaa taking it from joe? w/e cedaa’s version is better:)

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  4. Evil I Do says:

    Awesom tunes, banging sounds! Bought Simba a few weeks ago off Juno, glad to see the sound evolving!

  5. dubbel dutch says:

    @Benny pretty sure it’s a bootleg remix not sampled from the same source.

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